Lumen Health is a medical device organisation delivering value-based outcomes for women's health.

      We look into the life stages of patients and address unmet medical device and supply needs in each area for physicians, surgeons, and care providers.

    • Manufacturers

      Lumen Health introduces new products through education, sales and marketing activities proven to work in any healthcare setting.


      We can tell you how many times your product is discussed with customers, right down to the individual messages, videos, and evidence-based content to give you visibility on your product's activities.


      We maximise revenue per sale through advanced fulfilment techniques and focus on value-based healthcare objectives.

      Our best-in-breed enabling technologies

      Salesforce - CRM

      CareSpace - Patient Engagement

      Zendesk - Customer Success

      HubSpot - Marketing Automation

    • Clinical Customers

      Our boutique approach introduces new ways of delivering therapies and treatments where innovation is required and we specialise in partnering with physicians and surgeons to commercialise their own ideas and bring to life MedTech invention.

      Our areas of focus are:

      Reproductive Health

      Urinary & Fecal Incontinence

      Breast Health

      Aged Care

      Women's Health Education

      Be connected to your new products like never before. Lumen Health provides blended learning programs to ensure you and your team are adept with your new products. Use your personalised Knowledge Centre to find resources and ask questions with rapid response times.

    • Patients

      Lumen Health produces patient-facing education content to help patients better understand their condition, treatment and recovery process. Health care providers can direct their patients to accredited, branded materials to take the guess work out of finding reliable information that is related to their situation.

    • Hospitals & Clinics

      Lumen Health adopts a value-based healthcare ethos with a focus on eliminating waste. We only supply products from premium quality manufacturers that deeply understand the budgetary pressures our health system is under.


      We handle orders placed via fax, email and phone through our customer success team.

      We're compliant!

      No matter what system you are using for procurement, we're on board to help you drive down administration costs and ordering errors.

    • Value-based Healthcare

      Partner with us and achieve more.

      Healthcare is changing...

      Lumen Health is aligned to outcomes that matter to patients, sharing information and striving to deliver integrated medical device solutions that improve care while reducing costs.


      We believe all stakeholders in the health system can make a difference; this includes suppliers of medical devices. Lumen Health takes its role in the health system seriously by offering products and ways of working that drive value-based outcomes.

    • Our Culture

      Value-based outcomes for women's health.


      Drive improvement through research and development as well as enabling technologies.

      Working smarter, eliminating waste and staying ahead of MedTech industry legacy standards, is how Lumen Health plays to win.


      We grow talent.

      From upskilling our team through to delivering education and training to your staff, we are passionate about people reaching their full potential and making a difference.


      Our executive team has a robust track record in women's health.

      With deep roots in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Women's Health and MedTech, we know how to improve outcomes for women.


      We achieve more together.

      We focus on partnering with organisations driven by

      value-based healthcare principles to set an example in the health system.